The Four Foot Four

Ceilidh and Barn dance in Somerset and beyond

Colin Bowen: acoustic guitar

I am Colin Bowen, and I play classical guitar. I will happily fiddle with any instrument except the fiddle, but not in public. Although Iíve played guitar since I was about 12 Iíve only played with others in the last few years. I play with folk band The Village Folk and love to play with anyone in pub sessions. I used to make art works but everything takes a back seat to music now.

I am four foot four inches tall but wear high heels so I look taller.

I have done a variety of jobs including many years as a rural postman; at present I work part time in a public library. I listen to almost all sorts of music, even including things my parents liked. I have no favourites. I would like to play the music of Frank Zappa, Ornette Coleman or Benjamin Britten but it doesnít seem to happen.

I am involved with arranging gigs at Hornblotton Village Hall. Iíve lived in this Somerset village for more than 30 years but I come from London, via Bristol.

I am drawn to E minor and Lasagne, but watch little TV. I have a little TV but watch it little.

Drum machines are better than drummers because you only have to punch the instructions in once.

There is nothing funny about the banjo.