The Four Foot Four

Ceilidh and Barn dance in Somerset and beyond

Micky Little: octave-mandola, mandolin and bodhran

Q: What is your name?

Michael Roberts Little(AKA) Micky

Q: What instrument or instruments do you play in the band?

Mainly octave-mandola and wee bitty o' bodhran and mandolin

Q: What other musical instruments do you play?

Ha! ha! guitar, whistles, fiddle and jaw's harp (oh! I do have a set o' bagpipes.)

Q: What other bands, choirs, etc… are you are involved with?

The Village Folk at the moment ex-Bailey Hill Bunch, ex-Grahame's Gathering and ex-Flute Salad

Q: What other interesting projects are you involved with?

Trying to learn tunes that most folk can play

Q: How tall are you? (in feet and inches)

I'm Four Foot Four

Q: What is your day job?

A professional horticulturist

Q: What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

Not jazz or the stuff on Saturday night telly

Q: What is your favourite band or artist, musical influences, etc.?

Ossian, Planxty, Skipinnish, Julie Fowlis and Nic Jones. Major influences include, Kieth Melhuish (Folky blokey) Grahame McCulloch (Jimmy Shand button-boxer who who new all the tunes and slowed me down with his knee and a scowl), both Colin Bowen and Trevor Ryder (a parcel of rogues if ever)

Q: How did you become involved in playing folk music?

Being into prog rock, metal, punk and non-TOTP music in the 1970's, the 1980's was bloomin' awful until The Pogues Rum Sodomy and Lash showed me the way into folk then I bought a mandolin coz everyone else plays guitar better than I.

Q: Where do you live?

In a house that I still have years to pay for

Q: How long have you lived in Somerset?

We moved down from The Isle of Gigha in 2013

Q: Where else have you lived before?

As a peripatetic Head Gardener we travelled from Jersey, Devon, Somerset, Isle of Gigha and Somerset (again)

Q: What is your favourite musical key to play in?

It has got to be D major (The key drop-down tuning for the mandola)

Q: What is your favourite food?

A double fried egg roll with broon sauce, possibly repeated

Q: What is your favourite film or TV programme?

Still not sure whether it is Twelve Angry Men (Henry Fonda) or Casablanca

Q: Which are funnier, bodhran jokes or banjo jokes?

Neither as it has to be "What do you get when throw a piano down a mine-shaft? Answer A flat minor."