The Four Foot Four

Ceilidh and Barn dance in Somerset and beyond

Trevor Ryder: Tenor banjo, mandolin

Last time I looked at a name tag in one of my string vests, my name was Trevor Ryder. I play Tenor Banjo and Mandolin in the band. I also play guitar, appalachian dulcimer, octave mandolin, bodhran, blues harp, autoharp, ukulele banjo and tin whistle. I sing if people let me.

I’m involved with the Village Folk , a chamber choir called Spectra Musica, the Wheathill Parishes Benefice Choir and the Silver Strands, a local barbershop quartet.

I raise money for the British Dupuytren’s Society a charity supporting patients with and research into Dupuytren’s Disease. I am furthering my education in Earth and Environmental Sciences and am a member of a number of environmental action groups.

I am 5’ 9.73” tall. Retired teacher of Geography and Classical Guitar.

Most music except “fluffy”, lightweight, teenage-romance based pop songs and stuff “composed” by Stockhausen. Don’t have a favourite performing artist or band, but my favourite composers are Beethoven, Mozart, Fernando Sor, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Francisco Tarrega. Biggest influences on my folk music were my late big brother, Colin (who played guitar and mandolin and sang), those great Irish bands and artists from the 1970’s and 80’s – the Bothy Band, Planxty, Christie Moore, Paul Brady, and (in perpetuity) the Chieftains. Folk music came from a fiscal necessity for topping up my pocket money and student grant when at school and university (respectively).

I’ve lived in Keinton Mandeville for 6 years. Born and brought up in Leeds (19 years), student days in Oxford (5 years), working life in Devon (33 years), retirement in Somerset.

Favourite key varies according to instrument; E (major and minor) on guitar, D or A on banjo / mandolin. Our dog loves D major on blues harp.

Don’t have a single favourite food (anything Mediterranean), film or TV programme – I don’t actually watch much film or TV.

Neither bodrhan nor banjo jokes are funny; I much prefer jokes about folk singers and spoons players.